Invest Confidently with a
Multi-Decade Track Record

Logix Smart Value Dividend is a value, domestic equity strategy that utilizes dividend yield as an objective valuation measure.   The Logix portfolio continually moves toward market segments demonstrating attractive valuation and fundamental soundness.  Our investment philosophy and strategy has been consistent since 2002 inception and through multiple market cycles.

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20+ Year Track Record with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) Verification Audit

Serving Institutions, Advisors, and High Net Worth Individuals

Logix Smart Value Dividend is delivered as a Separately Managed Account typically invested in 25-45 US Large Cap Companies

Logix Investments serves investors by providing quarterly strategy updates and timely trade notifications that highlight investment rationale.

Consistent Movement
into Areas of Value

Logix Smart Value Dividend uses dividend yield valuation which is an objective measure of value through money paid to shareholders. We have developed and refined a proprietary valuation model incorporating historical absolute and relative dividend yield ranges that guide the portfolio.  The differentiated process is disciplined, methodical and objective.

Over a market cycle, Logix is focused on:

  • Downside Protection
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Cash flow from Dividends

Our Approach to Investing

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